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About Sustain International

About Us

We are a group of persistent achievers with diverse knowledge and background with deep-seated understanding of the transformational power of inspiring change in the world, particularly in deprived societies. Sustain International is dedicated to supporting educational, health, environmental and developmental related projects across the length and breadth of the world.


Sustain International focuses on providing communities with the necessary toolkit for personal and social development to help them live healthy and meaningful lives through poverty reduction, hunger eradication, environmental sustainability and increased standards of living. Promoting equity, people in deprived areas can reach their fullest potentials and obtain a sound mind for improved wellbeing.


We seek to build a sustainable platform to improve statuses of deprived communities and encourage cultural exchanges between countries. Empowering individuals and societies with knowledge and skills to improve their wellbeing.





We are committed to enhancing the livelihood of the less privileged,as well as seeking to increase the capacity utilization of the people of the various communities in which we operate.

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