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Operational Areas

We focus on sustainability in the following areas



*  Informal – peace building, public participation in governance, human rights, etc.

*  Support for infrastructure.

*  Media and Development, Information, Communication and Technology (ICT), technical developments etc.



In Africa sustainability in health is key.



*  Sustain agric – food security

*  Fair Trade Initiative’s


Environmental Conservation

* Humanitarian Relief:

Most people living the in the rural areas become vulnerable to perennial floods, diseases and other related issues as a result of their own activities. Sustain International offers sensitisation programmes as a preventive measure and offer support when the people are found affected by any of the above situations.

*  Poverty Alleviation:

Sustain International organises entrepreneurial programmes for youths for them to acquire some skills for the living, after which basic start-up capital is given. Many youths have been able to set up business through the process thereby reducingthe level of poverty.

*  Women and Gender:

Programmes are organised for women so that they well placed to support their respective homes and children, especially the single parents. Sustain International is also poised to help promote the gender parity, an area where women are marginalised in both the second cycle schools and tertiary.

*  Water, Sanitation and Hygiene:

Source of good water is a major problem in most rural areas. Sustain International supplies boreholes to communities when the need arises. Programmes are organised to educate the rural dwellers as how to keep the environment clean.

*  Youth Empowerment:

Youth development is also part of the core aim of Sustain International. Training programmes are organised to equip the youths. The youths are engaged in cultural exchange programmes with the outside world.

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