As an organisation dedicated to the improvement of education, health and environment, association and partnership are an indispensable tool to achieving our set goals.

It is by this that we announce that Sustain International e.V., has joined the World association of Non-Governmental Organisations (WANGO), which is the umbrella organisation of all nonprofits concerned with uniting all Non-governmental organisations towards advancing peace and global well-being.

WANGO provides resources to member NGOs better accomplish their missions, through mechanisms and support for them to connect, partner and increase their contributions towards solving humanity’s problems.

The association, has leading international experts that offer NGOs a wealth of knowledge in Fund raising, technologies, planning, media relations and are strategic in its implementation in developing the member organisations. This facilitates knowledge sharing which culminates into building associate members put up a formidable front in delivering excellent service to communities.

We believe this step will offer great insights into attaining better results in our desire to improve the lives of all persons.

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